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Ayelet Levi, 31

English teacher


Lives in Tel-Aviv


Ayelet was a student and waitress until recently. Like many waiters, she did not receive a salary slip from her workplace. When she began teaching at the Ministry of Education and receiving social benefits, she suddenly realized the importance of this for her future. She decided that she would now be a little more involved in her savings plans. For her, this is still a daunting area, full of numbers and graphs, it seems complicated and complex.

A friend told her about a very cute and user-friendly app that can exactly meet her needs. She gets into the app and starts following her retirement plans.


"Want to know basic information about my retirement plans and in the simplest and most accessible way possible. Want to start taking responsibility for my future."

Pain points

"I don't want to ignore this whole issue of pensions anymore. I've wasted years where I could save a lot of money. I want to know exactly how much money I have in each fund and what it means for my future allowance."

Ayelet Levi
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Amir Halfon, 36


Married + 1

Lives in Haifa


Amir is the father of a 4-year-old girl and works very hard to give her and his partner a sense of security and financial stability. His natural attraction is to art & literature, less of a numbers guy, so it means that "savings" is a huge headache for him. He would like to handle it in the shortest time and the easiest way possible.

Amir started working in a new advertising agency recently. Because of his bad experience from his previous workplace, with an employer who did not deposit money into his pension fund, Amir just wants to know that his new employer will deposit money as expected.

Amir started to use the YaData app. So he goes into the app, scans the slip, and knows he'll get mobile notifications about his deposit status.


"I want to make sure in the shortest time possible, that my employer deposits the money into my pension and education funds like he supposed to do by law."

Pain points

"Two months ago, my employer did not deposit money into my pension fund as expected, and unfortunately, looking back on my fund, it seems that it wasn׳t the first time. It is extremely frustrating to work for a careless employer. All I am asking for is full transparency with everything that has to do with my pension fund. It's elementary and so important for my peace of mind."

Amir Halfon
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