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Hi! I am Yafit Rosenblat 

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UX/UI Product Designer

In some cultures, people believe that buffalo's energy empowers you to manifest your desires and stay connected to your higher self. The presence of a buffalo reminds you to remain grateful and faithful to yourself.


In the journey of finding a job, A friendly cute buffalo reminds me that I'm here for the right reasons, passionate and curious about the UX/UI field, and excited to bring myself to the next level.


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Maternity Chef

Native app

Research, visual language, design.


Pitch Pendant Light

Responsive website

Research, visual language, design.


Native app

Extensive research - market and user research, personas, wireframes, user scenario, prototype, information architecture.

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E-commerce redesign website 

Research, visual language, design.

Under Armour

E-commerce redesign responsive website

Research, visual language, design.

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