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An application that mediates between new mothers and volunteers who want to cook for them in the postpartum period

The application was made as part of a final project for the UX/UI Course at Netcraft Academy, November 2020.

Maternity chef - top

How things



When I thought about creating the "Maternity Chef" app, I first tried to figure out how things work today.

I realized that the coordination process between the new moms and the volunteers is done by a group manager of each city or neighborhood.


The manager edits and updates a list of expectant mothers and potential volunteers and publishes a post calling for action at the moment of truth.  Whoever can help: cooks a meal for the new mothers according to their preferences - vegetarian, vegan, kosher, or sensitive to certain ingredients.

The volunteers bring the package all the way to the new mom's home.


The group's manager coordinates between the volunteers and the new moms, hoping that each one of them will receive three meals a week after returning from the hospital with the baby. 

I continued my research clearly on which apps and sites to coordinate meals exist in the market.

I found several products that deal with meal coordination; the main one is the "Meal train" site.


The main idea of all those sites is the same - creating a support group for individuals, groups, or communities, and coordinate between them and the volunteers. 

All products used calendar, form filling, gift card options, financial contributions, social media sharing options, ability to list preferences for a particular food and allergies, reminders, and re-editing options.

In "Maternity Chef," I focus on a specific community of postpartum women and volunteers and their needs. Starting with the practical needs for meal coordination and later on in creating a private social media for the community.




From this point in the process, I set myself the main goals of the app:


Streamlining of current conduct


Consolidating all community activities into one platform.



Creating a greenhouse for the community, a private place for their activities. 


Then I defined courses of action to realize the goals I had set

Then I defined courses of action to realize the goals I had set

Giving the volunteer the option to add a cooking event to the calendar



The scenario as a volunteer

Enters app

Sign in

Enters to moms feed

Filters preferences

Enters a new mom's tab

Adds a cooking day to the calendar

The scenario as a new mom

Clicks on user icon

Switches to "Mom" role

Fills out a questionnaire

Enters to community feed

Continues to post feed

Writes a comment to a post

Checks messages



Visual language














red pepper.png
new colors.png

Sample posts from the "Sirey Leida" group on Facebook

Post 1.png
Post 2.png


Tal Berkovich, 40

Human resources manager


Lives in Raanana

I've been looking for a place to volunteer for some time. Last Thursday, I met Daphne in my son's soccer class. She told me about her plan to cook for a new mom in the neighborhood. I fell in love with the idea of helping a new mom by providing a homemade cooking package.


Daphne told me about the Maternity Chef community, and at the moment, I decided that I want to be a part of this beautiful project."    

Prenancy in White


Yael Sharvit, 34

Social Worker


Lives in Tel-Aviv

"I gave birth to my second daughter about two weeks ago and I'm still recovering from the cesarean section. My husband is a doctor who works around the clock during this crazy period of the corona, and my parents live abroad.


I wish I had more time and energy to cook healthy food for my family and me. Sometimes I just want a supportive environment that will make me feel part of a big family."



Next, I defined the target audience and personas of the app. The persona can be a mother and/or a volunteer:

  • Women aged 25-45

  • Mothers

  • Married or single status

  • Abroad spectrum of pursuits

  • Any economic status

"Maternity Chef" is based on the "Sirey Leida" project,  which is a community and neighborhood project to support postpartum women, primarily in cooking fresh food, but also socially and emotionally.

Today, the project takes place on Facebook and Whatsapp platforms. In Israel, almost every city has an active group of "Sirey Leida."



The user scenario focuses on persona No. 1, Tal Berkovich, a volunteer user. In the future, the same persona will become a new mom herself.

iPhone 8 - 323.png


I'm glad I had the chance to create an app for an existing project. Taking the needs of the "Sirey Leida" community and building one platform for all their activities was a challenging and fascinating process for me.

If I had more time for the project, I would have created more illustrations at the UI level and would have done usability tests at the UX level. 


The experience of providing a technological solution to a voluntary organization has inspired me to create or integrate more such projects in the future.

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